Created to celebrate the longest day of the year, this little tune is joy to me.

Thank you Hieronymus Bosch for the wonderful ass music illustration!!!

I adore this Deadmau5 tune, and I just started playing over it, but every time I’d do it all kind of people would show up, from a lady with no shoes, and two black eyes, dancing like possessed to a family too busy to listen while taking care of their paraplegic son who was listening I know it. Little by little, each bit of the melody came in place, each associated with theses privileged wordless moments. Fortunate, unfortunate, innocent, mischievous, this adaptation is about how we are all connected to each other, and lucky we are to be part of the universe. It is about being grateful!

A real underground hit! Drumless House Cadenza and Excessively reverberated Saxophone lyrics

Performance tonite!!!

Alain Delon!

Alain Delon!

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La Framboise de raspberry au Rum et Cayenne pepper, or sometimes with Gin or Cognac